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[Mini Series] My Kid Is Gonna Be Famous!

Title: My Kid Is Gonna Be Famous!
Length: Chaptered (1/?)  (1 224 words)
Author: tehah_hero
Beta-ed by: shin9095
Pairings: Yunjae
Rating: PG-13
Genre: fluff, humor, family drama
Warning: mpreg
Disclaimer: I wish I own them~ but i dont! =="
Summary: Jae gets preggy and Yun needs to listen to every Jae`s orders~ ><"

Previous Chapters: (prologue)

        The first two months of Jaejoong’s pregnancy couldn’t be any better for Yunho. Jaejoong was as sweet as sugar! (didn’t mean that he was not sweet before, he was just sweeter!).
Apart from occasionally throwing up on him, Yunho didn’t have any complaint at all. Jaejoong even prepared hot bath for Yunho, for God’s sake!! Don’t make him started about breakfast, lunch and dinner~

"Yunnie..." He sing-song his hubby’s name..
"Hey Jae.. You want anything, baby?"
Jaejoong shook his head. "I just kinda prepared a hot bath for you. Do you want to take your bath now, Yunnie?"
Yunho shrugged. "Ok then.. I’ll take my bath now.."
Jaejoong fidgeted on his feet. "Errr.. Yunnie.. Can I join you?"
Yunho grinned (more like smirked!).. "Of course, Joongie.."


          The doctor who examined Jaejoong (who confirmed Jaejoong’s pregnancy) gathered about 30 reporters from different TV stations, magazines, newspapers and some paparazzi for a press conference.

"I have something to announce regarding Jaejoong, Jung Yunho’s wifey.."
The doctor grinned widely.
"Can’t you just say it?!!" one of the reporters yelled.
"Geez.. You are no fun.."
"By the way, what’s your name, Kim Jaejoong’s doctor?" Someone yelled from the back of the hall.
"Don’t you all know me?" I’m so freakin’ popular, ya know!!"
*cricket sound*
"Hey! Whose phone is that? I don’t like that sound!"
"Ok.. Err.. My name is Haroro.. People call me Dr.HaHa.." He announced proudly.
*silence again*
"Who the hell is Dr. HaHa?" Someone murmured among the reporters.
"Hey! I heard that!! I am.."
"I intended to make you hear that.."
*clears throat*
"I am.."
"Can’t you just tell us what you wanna announce about Kim Jaejoong!!?" An old reporter yelled at him.
"Geez.. Old man these days.. Ok, now.. Jaejoong-sshi..is.."
*drum rolls*
"Doc.. Do you love your phone?" A big bulky reporter asked.
HaHa nodded his head vigorously. "Why?"
"Make sure your phone doesn’t make any sound until you announce whatever things you announce later.." The bulky guy said while cracking his knuckles.
HaHa laughed nervously..
"Ok now.. Jaejoong-sshi is pregnant!!" He announced happily.
*cricket sounds*
"Errr.. that not from my phone ok.."
People gasped and murmured things.
The sounds of cameras clicking and snapping his pictures were making him grinning like a retard (though he didn’t realized it at all!).. Fingers typing on laptops and scribbles of pens on papers sounded so heavenly for him.


                   After the press conference thingy, Yunho made up his mind that he didn’t like the doctor even the slightest bit ( because he announced about Jaejoong’s pregnancy without asked to Yunho first!!) but Jaejoong preferred that fuck thing doctor so he just ignored his hatred feeling toward the said doctor.

Ever since the press conference, reporters were always seen camping at Yunjae’s mansion’s entrance door. The camping things continued until one of the reporters almost knocked Jaejoong over to the floor (thanks to Yunho’s long arm that always wrapped around Jae that he and the baby was ok!) successfully made the ever-so-calm Jung Yunho to snapped at all of them and threatened to kick their ass behind the jail’s bars, making all of them scattered away.

The news of Jaejoong’s pregnancy was all over the breaking news and newspapers, even in some portal sites. Since male pregnancy was a rare case, plus it was the first one in Korea, people had been fussing over how Yunjae’s kid was gonna look like.


          The third till seventh months of Jaejoong’s pregnancy couldn’t be more exhausting for Yunho. Jaejoong could be snappy, cry-baby, cute, weird, didn’t-make-sense, horny, all in one freakin day. Aside from his mood swings, his weird craving was the one that always made Yunho pulled his hair out of frustration.

"Yunnie..." Jaejoong whined at his husband.
"What Joongie?" Yunho gathered Jaejoong in his arms, carefully not to put much pressure onto Jaejoong’s bulging tummy while stroking the pretty male’s hair.
"I want.. I want.." Jaejoong fidgeted with his fingers.
"What do you want, Joongie baby?"
"I want to eat pistachio Ice cream with chicken wings on top.." Jaejoong said with big-doe eyes sparkling with hope and anticipation.
"But baby.. It’s twelve in the midnight.." Yunho yawned.
Jaejoong wriggled his way off Yunho’s lap and sat at the very end of the bed, hugging his knees to his chest (more likely to his tummy!! =="), face buried in his palms.
Frustrated tears rolled down his cheeks, his shoulders shook a little due to his sobs.
Yunho’s heart churned wildly, like someone actually squeezed his heart, at the sight of his wifey’s sobbing.
"Baby.." Yunho crawled to his Jaejoong.
He lifted Jaejoong’s chin a little so that he could look directly into his eyes but the sight of Jaejoong’s glistening eyes, red nose, face streaked with tears made him felt like a total jerk.
Yunho wiped the tears on Jaejoong’s face and brought him into his embrace though Jaejoong struggled a bit.
"Im sorry, baby.." Yunho caressed soothing circles on Jaejoong’s back.
"I’ll go and buy it now, ok?"
Jaejoong nodded his head at the crook of Yunho’s neck.
And when Yunho came home with the ice cream with chicken wings, he was greeted by a sleeping Jaejoong on the couch.
(and he needed to carry him upstairs too!! ><")


          At the last month of Jaejoong’s pregnancy, he didn’t make much fuss like the previous months. Jaejoong just needed more helps in whatever things he did. Since his son (yeah.. they visited the doctor again to know about their child’s gender..) was kinda heavy, Jaejoong always had difficulties in walking, sitting or even sleeping! Yunho was kinda worried when his Jaejoong looked like he lost some weight but with a bloating tummy.
The stupid doctor said that there was nothing to worry about that since their son kinda ate a LOT for a unborn baby. Whatever Jaejoong ate, he would share them with his son afterall. But in Yunho’s eyes, it looked like only his son who was fed, not together his Jaejoong. After reassurances from Jaejoong himself, Yunho stopped worrying about his Jaejoong’s weight.

How Yunho loved seeing Jaejoong waddled around the house with a bloating tummy.. xD 
He would always tease Jaejoong on how slow he walked, making Jaejoong pouting and sulking at him.
But in the end, Jaejoong would always forgive Yunho and forgot all about the teases.


          When the first cry of the baby was heard from the emergency room, Yunho broke into tears. He felt like he was listening to the most beautiful music in his entire life.

Few weeks after some arguments, Yunho and Jaejoong settled the baby with a name of Changmin. Jung Changmin. Jaejoong insisted to name him as Louis Vuitton or Chanel which made Yunho didn’t talk to him for a whole week.. (==")

           I Present to You:
                           Jung Changmin! xD 


Tags: genre:family drama, genre:fluff, genre:humor, genre:mpreg, length:chaptered, pairing:yunjae, rating:pg-13
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