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[FIC] Mood Swings?

[FIC] Mood Swings?

Title: Mood Swings?
Length: Oneshot
Author: tehah_hero
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: PG-13
Genre: humor, crack, romance
Warning: None? (ok there is a little..==" mentioned of toys!)
Disclaimer: JaeJae is mine~ ^^ i bought him lastnight! Duhh! ==
Summary: Jaejoong had been acting weird. Snappy and bitchy at one time..

               The space next to him dipped due to his lover`s weight. A pair of familiar arms were wrapped around his torso, pulling the smaller male crushing onto the hard with moobs chest. ( yes! i mentioned his moobs!).
Yunho left messy kisses all over Jaejoong`s face, making the latter scrunched his face irritatingly.
In a matter of seconds, Yunho had himself hovered over Jaejoong, capturing the luscious lips onto his.
Jaejoong was the first one to pull from the kiss, making Yunho attacked his neck next.
"Yunnie..Im not in the mood.." he whined at his lover while trying to push Yunho`s body off him. (Note: Trying!)
"But it has been a while the last time we do it.." Yunho still nipping on Jaejoong`s neck.
"Yunnie..Please.." he pleaded with a pout.
Yunho sighed before he stole a peck from Jaejoong. He rolled over the bed and laid his body next to Jaejoong.
Automatically, wrapping his arm around Jaejoong`s waist, to cuddle with his boyfriend to sleep.
Jaejoong untangled Yunho`s hand from his waist and pushed his chest lightly.
"Jae..I just wanna cuddle you to sleep. I promise I wont try anything pervy on you, baby."
Jaejoong frowned and scrunched his nose cutely.
"No, Yunnie."
"I dont want to cuddle with you, Yunho!" he snapped.
Yunho sighed hard.
"Jae, whats wrong?"
"Jae, tell me."
"You stick stink! You smell bad!!"
"What?" he asked, cant believe what he just heard.
"You stink, Yunnie.."
Yunho got off the bed making Jaejoong panicked.
"Yunnie, are you mad at me?"
"You know that I cant get mad at you, baby.." he sighed again.
"So, where are you going?"
"To take a shower.. Tho I just took mine 30 minutes ago.."
"I stink, remember?" Yunho walked off to the bathroom leaving Jaejoong alone on the bed, pouting.


               When noon came, Jaejoong woke up groggily after JiJi, the cat kept on licking his face.
"JiJi..Go away.." Jaejoong mumbled, hoping the cat would listen to his order.
JiJi ignored his master and curled himself on Jaejoong`s stomach, the warmth radiated from his master/slave tempted him.
Jaejoong giggled at his cat`s behaviour before he lifted the grey cat and put JiJi on the empty space next to him.
"Where`s Yunnie?" he yawned fiercely.
He got off the bed after patting the cat to sleep. He streched his limbs, body felt numb after a good night sleep without interruption from a certain horny bear.
He found a note on the bedside table under his phone.

Jaejoong frowned.
"What time is it now?" he asked to no one while checking his phone.
"Its twelve." he said.
"I slept like a pig!"


                When Yunho arrived home, after eight hours of working his ass off, he was greeted with a sobbing Jaejoong on the couch in the living room.
He dashed to his lover as fast as lightning (Yunho is Superman in disguise~ :P ok.. thats a lie) and scooped him into a tight hug.
"What happen, Jae baby?" he asked while rocking Jaejoong`s body in his arms.
"Yunnie, are you gonna leave me? Did you want to break up with me?" he sobbed.
"Huh? What? Why?"
"You`re sick living with me.." he wailed.
"Eh? Never cross my mind to leave you, Jae." he stroked Jaejoong`s hair softly.
"Really? You wouldnt leave me?" Jaejoong looked at him with face streaked with tears.
"No, baby. I wouldnt." he hugged Jaejoong tightly.
"Yes, baby.."
"You stink.." he scrunched his nose while sniffing Yunho`s shirt.
Yunho stood up and walked to the bathroom after he lifted Jaejoong off him like ragged doll.
"Use lots of my strawberry soaps, Yunnie!" he shouted from the living room.


               They were cuddling on the couch, watching re-run episodes of Running Man, laughing hard at Kwang Soo`s epic failed`s face and HaHa`s weirdness.
"Ji Hyo is kinda cute.." Yunho suddenly said it out loud.
Jaejoong glared at him.
"Yunnie..You dont think of having a girlfriend instead of a boyfriend, right?"
"No. I never think of that, Joongie." he paled.
"You already have me, the Great Kim Jaejoong! Remember that!" Jaejoong jabbed a finger on Yunho`s chest.
"I`ll always remember that, Jae baby..." Yunho laughed nervously.
~15 seconds later~
"Yunnie.."he called softly.
"Yes, Jae?"
"Can you buy me Chocolate Strawberries?" he jutted his lips into a pout.
"What is chocolate strawberries, Joongie? Never heard of that before.." he asked confusedly.
"Its a Strawberry, the fruit which is coated with Chocolate. Duhh!"
Yunho scratched his cheek.
"You want it now?"
He nodded his head up and down.
"How many of it?"
"Err.. Lots of it?"
"But its one in the morning. baby.."
"So you dont want to but it?" his face harden, icy cold.
"No. No. I`ll go and buy it now.." he said quickly.
"Really?! Thanks, Yunnie!" Jaejoong said cheerfully.
"Lets go to the doctor tomorrow, ok?"
Jaejoong frowned.
"Why? Are you sick, Yunnie?" his palm on Yunho`s forehead.
Yunho shook his head.
"So? Who is sick?"
"Lets get you examined b the doctor."
"You have been acting weird lately.."
"So you think Im mentally retarded now?"
"No. I never said that, Jae.."
"What? Im crazy now? You said that so you can leave me, isnt it?" he asked, voice shaking lightly.
"For Godsake Jaejoong! Im not gonna leave you!" he snapped.
Jaejoong was startled by Yunho`s loud voice, tears already rolled down profusely.
Yunho sighed.
He gathered Jaejoong into his arms, hugging the smaller male tightly while murmuring apologies.
"Jaejoong, lets go to the doctor tomorrow. ok?"
Jaejoong nodded his head, still sobbing lightly.


               "Mr. Jung, relax for now. Mr.Kim has no serious illness whatsoever. He is just stressed out." Dr.Shim explained.
"But why did he has been acting weird lately?" Yunho asked.
Dr.Shim smiled a weird smile, he only twitched his lips a little.
"That is a part of his stress. I heard from Mr.Kim that he have upcoming exams. Maybe the thoughts of the exams stressed him mentally."
"So, Im not mentally retarded, right?" Jaejoong asked.
Dr.Shim shook his head while smirking.
"Unfortunately, you are not."
"I thought he is pregnant." Yunho said while high 5-ing with Dr.Shim.
Jaejoong glared at Yunho before he smacked him on the arm.
"Man cant get pregnant , idiot!"
"Who said that? Didnt you read fanfics, Joongie baby?" Ynho wriggled his eyebrows at Jaejoong.
Jaejoong pouted his lips.
"Now, you`re making fun of my hobby."
"I read fanfics too.." Dr.Shim chimed in.
"Both of you can go now." Dr.Shim said after he cleared his throat.


               "Seriouly Jae, you`re stressed out because of your readers keep asking you to update that pervy fics, right?" Yunho asked with a smirk.
"Yunnie, just drive.." Jaejoong said with a pout.
Yunho chuckled.
"I`ve read all your fics, baby.."
Jaejoong gasped.
"You didnt.."
"I did."
Jaejoong pouted his lips more.
"Why did you read them all?" he whined.
"Because I wanna know why you always get hard after using your laptop.." Yunho grinned.
"Stupid.." he mumbled with crimson cheeks.
The ride back home was silenced after Jaejoong flicked Yunho`s forehead for teasing him.
"Lets have sex."
"Ok." he agreed immediately.
"Let me try double-penetration on you, just like in your latest fic..."
"Im wondering how know how to describe double-penetration in your fic so detailed.."
"I used two dildos at the same time and imagined your face, Yunnie." he smirked.
"Fuck!" Yunho groaned while honking the tortoise slow cars in front of his.
"Please do." Jaejoong smirked.



A/N: I thought this is gonna be a smut~ xD thnx god it didnt! xD
i dreamt of this fic few days ago.. ==" its cool in my dream~ but i dont know how it comes out into a fic~ >__>

I Love Comments!

                                                         Please comment! or else~ ==" i`ll ask Min to throw Chunnie down the hill~
Tags: genre:humor, genre:romance, length:oneshot, pairing:yunjae, rating:pg-13
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