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Title: Knocked Up Boys
Plot from: Dekichatta Danshi
Author: [info]tehah_hero
Beta-ed by: [info]shin9095
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Humor, Smut, Romance, Fluff
Rating: R - PG-13
Warning: smut at the beginning of this chapter
Disclaimer: I own nothing from this fic, not even the plot since the plot is taken from Dekichatta Danshi.. As the story progress you`ll see more of my own plot that I slip into this fic..

Summary:   A playboy, Jaejoong gets more than he ever wished for when a baby is left on his doorstep. He resolves to raise the baby alone with or without the help of childhood friend, Yunho with whom he shares a casual sexual relationship, who he is in love with.


Jaejoong whimpered, body trashed on the white futon as another man pounded into him, rocking their hips together.

Yunho had his head thrown back as Jaejoong’s heat gripped his cock tightly. He hauled the other man’s leg and hooked it on his shoulder, angled for that particular spot.

The white futon rustled noisily as Jaejoong gripped it between his hands, moaning and groaning in pleasure.

“Fuck Yun! Stop doing that!”He snapped when Yunho pulled out and slammed his cock hard into him, catching him off guard.

“Shut up, Jae. I’m gonna make you feel good. Stop bitching about something you know you will enjoy.”

Yunho wrapped Jaejoong’s legs around his middle, pounding into the shorter male in pure ecstacy.

The other man tried to wiggle his way out, but ended up sinking more into the futon, toes curling as he came crashing on him when Yunho tugged and stroked his weeping member.

Jaejoong shuddered when Yunho came after a few more thrusts, feeling hot seed gushing out and down his thighs as his friend slipped out of him.

Yunho slumped next to Jaejoong, chest heaving up and down as he calmed down from his high.

“You dirtied my futon!” Jaejoong hissed at his friend who simply rolled around the futon, looked like an idiot with cum all over his stomach and chest.

“Next time, let’s do it on my own futon in my room. I’ll just let my mom do all the cleaning.”

Jaejoong spluttered, choking on his own saliva.

This man got guts!

“You wouldn’t..” He trailed off unsurely.

Yunho just smiled smugly.

Jaejoong wondered if his neighbor was a psycho man who befriended with him for all his life just to make him felt miserable.

He was about to kick Yunho out of his room when a loud cry was heard, making them looked at each other in confusion.

“That’s a baby’s cry.” Yunho simply stated.

“That’s a nice one, Sherlock.  Guess what I’m gonna do now?”

“Go to the door and check who accidentally left their baby at your door?”

Jaejoong face palmed. “Yes, genius.”

He hissed as he stood up with great difficulty and regretted it immediately when he felt like his bottom was on fire.

He glared at the smirking Yunho, stomping away from the taller male.

Yunho put on a loose track pants, quickly jogged toward the pretty man, frowning as he looked at the very much naked Jaejoong crouching on the floor in front of his one room apartment.

“Jae, my family lives across your apartment. You don’t wanna them to see you butt naked, do you?”

Jaejoong stayed still, the baby cry was still heard.

Yunho peeked over Jaejoong`s shoulder and saw a baby in a basket with colorful ribbons laced on it.

Jaejoong blinked. Is this some kind of a sick joke or something?

He took the basket and pulled Jaejoong into the apartment, slamming the door with a loud bang, successfully making Jaejoong snapped out of his trances and the baby bawled even loudly.

Jaejoong immediately took the baby in his arms, patting the bundle with care, as he hushed the baby to stop crying.

Yunho was left in dazed as he saw his lifelong friend hugged the unknown baby in his arms with such expression.

“-ho! Yunho!”

Yunho blinked.

“Why are you staring at my face? Is there something on my face? Is it my own cum?” He blabbered.

He shook his head and sighed.

Yunho saw a white sheet of paper in the basket. He  took it and read it aloud.

“Please take care of my Sungwoong. Thank you.”

What the fuck?!

“Is my fuckin’ small apartment looks like a charity home for her?”

“How did you know this baby is from a girl?”

“Do men give birth, Jung?” Jaejoong glared.

Yunho pouted.

Jaejoong snapped went down to drain when he suddenly yelped in surprise.

The baby groped on his chest before sucking on his nipple, innocently.

He moaned softly.

Yunho just stared with mouth agaped.

“Yah! Don’t get turn on by a baby!”

He snatched the baby away from Jaejoong`s hands and the hungry infant wailed loudly at the sudden loss, small fingers tugged on Yunho`s hair in protest.

“I’m not! I was shocked…”

“Shocked my ass! You moaned, Jae.” Yunho hissed softly.

This baby sure is strong.

Jaejoong pouted and took the baby with him again, letting the baby to suckle on his non-existent breast.

Yunho’s eyes darken, glaring at the infant who was suckling the pert nub with enthusiastism.

The man with baby in hands giggled adorably at the sight.

“Jae, can I suck your nipple too?”

The Fuck!?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


A/N: This fic is based on the manga that I linked above, please do check it out if you feel like it~ ( ु⚈᷁௰⚈᷁ ू)
        I love Yunjae and babies~ I Cant help it but to write this fic..
        My fic wont be as great as the original manga, so please forgive my unique humors and my weird writing.. ( ಠ_ರೃ)
        Do leave your comments, thank you.

Tags: genre:fluff, genre:humor, genre:romance, genre:smut, length:chaptered, pairing:yunjae, rating:pg-13, rating:r
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