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need to read Chapter One to fully understand this chapter~ ^^


Yunho pulled Jaejoong by his waist, tugging the smaller male into his arms with the baby in between their hands, face buried at the crook of Jaejoong’s neck from behind.

“Don’t seduce me anymore, Jae.” Yunho’s cheeks dusted with a tinge of pink.

Jaejoong bit his lips as Yunho’s fingers were twirling and pinching his unoccupied nipple while the other hand was placed on Jaejoong’s hand, which was wrapped around Sungwoong’s.

 He pulled the other man’s neck and kissed him, lips synchronized harmoniously.

‘This boob has nothing!’


Sungwoong patted his ‘mom’s’ chest a couple of times, trying to get something out of the said boob. His small head bumped with Yunho’s hand but it went unnoticed.

Jaejoong pulled himself from the kiss, yelped and shuddered as the baby sucked on his nipple harder, not to forget that Yunho’s fingers were around his hard nub. Cum dirtied his both thighs again.

His knees failed him, making him kneeled on the floor while shivering out of the sudden wave of pleasure.

‘I should die. Oh my god!’


“You fail as a human being, Jae. Moreover a mommy.. You came just from a baby sucking your nipple.” Yunho shook his head, torn in between amusement and disappointment.

Jaejoong glared.

“Why am I the mommy? And I came because of your fingers on my nipple!”

He sighed.

“The reason is obvious, Jae. He loves your boobs.” He pointed at the infant who was still trying hard to suck something out of Jaejoong’s invisible boobs, avoiding his friend who stated matter-of-fact.

“I have no boobs!” He hissed, clearly annoyed.

His phone vibrated on the coffee table, making those annoying sounds.

Jaejoong picked up his phone almost immediately after shoving the baby into Yunho’s arms.

“Hello? Owh, there is a party tonight? Where? I’ll think about it first. No, I can’t promise you, Seunghyun. Stop being a prick and I’ll stop shouting! Geez..”

He snapped his phone shut, a scowl plastered on his face.

“What? You’re gonna leave the baby with me? Cruel! Evil mom!” Yunho nagged.

“I’m not going anywhere!”

‘This is all their fault!’


Jaejoong glared, taking the baby with him.

Sungwoong’s face scrunched up before wailing loudly, small balled up fists flailed in the air, legs kicking Jaejoong’s tummy.

“You ok, baby? Stop crying please.” He begged in a hush tone while trying to calm the raging infant by stroking his soft hair.

Yunho looked at Jaejoong’s naked chest.

“He wants that.”

Jaejoong shook his head in fright.

“No! It’s your turn!”

“Why me?”

“What will you do if my nipples fell off?!!”

“Now that’s a problem.”

Yunho pondered as the baby wailed louder.

‘Damn! He’s all about boobs.’         


Yunho snapped his fingers, face brightened.

“I bet he’s hungry!”

He sighed.

“Try to be a gentleman, Yunho. Buy milk for him.” He gave Yunho a light push at Yunho’s legs, making the other man stumbled near the front door.

Jaejoong threw his school uniform straight at his face, blabbering some random words that annoyed the shit out of him.

Yunho swore that he’d never heard Jaejoong talked that much with him except when he teased the other man into frustration, and that was during their sex time.

“He has the boobs. Why he wants me to buy milk? And why do I end up being an errand boy?” Yunho mumbled to no one as he walked to the nearest convenience store.

Jaejoong sighed as he laid the baby on his futon, that he had flipped over so that Sungwoong wouldn’t end up sleeping on his and Yunho’s mess.

He patted the infant softly as he also laid on the futon, by his side.

‘Thanks god he’s not my son. Or else Yunho will be disappointed in me.’


Sungwoong’s lips quivered into another tantrum but it died down at the baby’s throat as he blindly grasped for Jaejoong’s slender finger and put it into his tiny mouth, sucking on the tip of the finger eagerly.

He smiled at the small, vulnerable child, who looked so fluffy and cuddly that Jaejoong even thought of biting the baby’s fair cheeks. He wished for a son like him.

He squealed inwardly when Sungwoong held onto his finger with his tiny hands, eyes shutted as he was lulled to sleep due to his exhaustion of wailing and crying.

Jaejoong let the baby held onto his finger, but brows creased immediately as he saw a neon green post-it-note under the small pillow inside of Sungwoong’s basket that he kicked to the end of his futon.

- “Jaejoong-ah, noona saw what you did with your lifelong friend, Yunho. Take care of Sungwoong for me and I’ll keep my mouth shut about your dirty little secret! Make sure to feed my baby! And oh! Don’t forget to lock the door next time!” -

Jaejoong paled. He pulled  his finger out of Sungwoong’s mouth slowly, trying hard not to wake the sleeping baby.

He immediately crawled to his apartment door, still very much naked as he heard the keys jingled at the door.

Yunho almost dropped the plastic bag in his hands as he was greeted with a naked, crawling Jaejoong as he stepped into the apartment.

He latched himself on Yunho’s legs as he began to half whispered, half wailed about his Casanova reputation that left Yunho’s mouth hanging and a confuse look on his small face.

“I know I have gorgeous, long legs, Jae. But please don’t hold it that tight. My leg feels numb.”

Jaejoong sniffed, wiping his nose on Yunho’s pants, which made the taller male to wince slightly.

“What if people know that we fuck each other? What’ll your parents say? What if they won’t admit you as their only son in their will anymore? How’ll you survive without their fortune? You are not that smart. What if my girlfriends know about us?”

Yunho sighed. He squatted on the floor before gathering his friend into his arms, running his palm at the expense of Jaejoong’s naked back soothingly.

“Now tell me what happened, Jae.”

“Noona saw us!” He wailed.

“Saw us? Your noona? Sukjin noona?” Yunho’s eyes widened.

“Noona saw us having sex so she blackmailed me to take care of Sungwoong if I don’t want it to spread around.”  Jaejoong wailed.

“Sungwoong is your noona`s son? For real?”

Jaejoong shoved the sticky note to Yunho who was now sitting on the floor with his hands still around him.

“So he is a Kim too?”

Well duh!


“Fuck! I need to deal with more Kims….”

“Is that an insult, Jung?” His eyes squinted suspiciously.

Fuck yeah!

You’re responsible for this!”

But hey! That’s your family problem. I have nothing to do with this mess.”

Jaejoong clung onto Yunho’s shirt.

“What if she tells everyone?”

“Just tell them that we are playing sumo.”

“Like that would work!”

Jaejoong spent his night with thousand thoughts clouded his mind, thinking of giving up Sungwoong to the orphanage and continued his life like nothing happened, well since his sister just left.

He wasn’t sure.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Tags: genre:fluff, genre:humor, length:chaptered, pairing:yunjae, rating:pg-13
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