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Title: The Kocked Up Boys

Plot from: Dekichatta Danshi

Author: tehah_hero

Beta-ed by: shin9095

Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong

Length: Chaptered

Genre: Humor, Romance, Smut, Fluff

Rating: PG – R

Disclaimer: Plot isn’t mine. Plot based on Dekichatta Danshi.

Summary: A womaniser to the core. Jaejoong  got more than what he bargained for when a baby was suddenly dropped at his doorstep. Jaejoong resolved to raise the baby alone, although not without the help of his childhood friend Yunho, whom he also shared a casual sexual relationship with. Would Jaejoong be able to juggle with the sudden pressure of parenthood along with his budding feeling for his childhood friend?





Jaejoong cracked an eye opened, hissing softly at the blinding sunlight from his window, an arm felt numb due to some added weight that was the infant who refused to sleep without his body warmth.

He rubbed the sleep grains of his tired eyes, retreating his arms as slowly as he could, afraid that the baby would wail hysterically again.

Sungwoong twitched in his sleep at the sudden lost of warmth but he continued his precious sleep without bothering to crack an eye opened, making Jaejoong snorted in annoyance.

‘This damn baby wouldn’t let me sleep till 3 in the fuckin’ morning and fuck I have an early class too! Fuck! Fuck!’

Jaejoong took a quick shower, dressing up into his school uniform before tip-toeing to his so-called kitchen to boil some water for the baby’s formula and hopefully he would be able to whip up something to eat for himself too.

As he drummed his fingers on the small kitchen table, jingle of keys were heard from his apartment door and Yunho emerged into his kitchen, cladded in the same uniform.

Yunho waved at his friend slash neighbor with a retarded face before going to the still sleeping infant. Jaejoong rolled his eyes.

‘Great! Now I have to cook for this bastard too.’

As he whisked a bowl of eggs, Sungwoong’s loud cry boomed through his small apartment, wailing and shrieking. He felt momentarily deaf.

Jaejoong grumbled and yelled a “Give him his damn bath now!” at Yunho who was cradling the baby near his heart.

When the second cries echoed, Jaejoong pulled his neatly-styled hair just for fun and out of frustration.

Yunho got a good 15 minutes nagging and a smack on the head when he bathed the barely 10 weeks baby in a basin of cold water. Sungwoong cried and flailed his small arms, unconciously slapped Yunho’s face which made the man glared at the baby in vengeance.

In the end, both of them barely had an extra minute before the school’s bell rang, with a baby tagging along. How awkward.




When Jaejoong walked into the class, he immediately caught everyone’s attention, not that he didn’t receive that kind of attention before. With pale skin, big eyes and different kind of tattoos and piercings, he sure did received a lot of attention, just less.

His classmates had their mouths agaped, eyes ogling at the bundle of joy strapped on his back. Yunho wasn’t helping at all as he cooed at Sungwoong who tried to reach for him.

Jaejoong shooed Yunho away from his table as he unclasped the strap, settling the baby on his lap. In minutes, his female classmates and some nosy males surrounded him like a gang of hungry hyenas.

“Jaejoong-ah, whose baby is this? Is it yours?” A girl looked like she almost died of heart attack, mouth gaping like a guppy fish as she asked that question.

“What’s the name?”

“ Is it a boy or a girl?”

“The cheek is so soft.” A boy said earning a couple of weird looks.

“My sister’s.” He answered honestly, but of course most of them didn’t believe that, but well, whatever. He could live with that.

“It’s a boy and his name is Sungwoong. Kim Sungwoong.”

They cooed, squealing and gushing over his nephew, and he loved all the attention he gained from them. Such an attention whore he was.

“It’s so cool! I want one too!” His creppy classmates leered at him, making supposedly-flirting-looks that turned out to be just ugly faces.

“I can help you with the baby if you want me too.” A girl in Hello Kitty glasses said as she twirled her bright green locks in between her fingers. Jaejoong almost barfed. Almost.

He faked a smile and waved her off. Well, at least she wanted to help him. Jaejoong threw a glare at Yunho’s direction who looked at him with a confused look.

“That’ll be nice for you to help me. Thanks. I bet you will be a lot more helpful compared to that person who lives next door to me.” Jaejoong scowled when  Yunho mouthed a quick ‘Fuck You’ at him.

The girls’ and some boys’ giggles made Yunho frowned, forehead creased in annoyance. He slumped into his seat as he noticed almost all his classmates looked at his in blatant curiousity.

‘And I wonder if people didn’t speculated yet that Jaejoong just revealed that he, the Jung freaking Yunho, had a fair share from where the baby came from.’ He sighed. Jaejoong could be an idiot sometimes. ‘Thank god that their class didn’t know that I had sex with Jaejoong for all this years. People will say I impregnated a freaking boy.’ He silently gasped.

“Are you stupid? Sungwoong is not a toy, you know.” Yunho snorted, now half sitting on his own table.

“Of course I know that!” Jaejoong’s face flushed.

“He’s right.” The class biggest geek snorted at Jaejoong who was giggling and laughing over some jokes the class’ cheerleaders made in attempt to humor the baby, ignoring Yunho. “Because people like you dont’t take parenthood seriously, you end up abandoning your children.”

“Hey ugly fatty, that’s pretty rude, you know.” Yunho barked.

“We are just telling him the truth.”

“Abando- ,“ Jaejoong’s voice almost came out as a whisper.

“I bet that’s his baby. That’s what you get for sleeping and whoring around, fucking girls he didn’t even know who they were. Serve you right, manwhore.” A boy in huge school uniform and ugly glasses said loud enough for everyone in the class to hear.

“Hey, who do you think you are?!” Yunho balled his fist.

“I bet the baby’s mother abandoned her baby at his doorstep too.” Another girl with the ugliest and biggest hair pin chirped, her words hitting straight to him.

Jaejoong’s smile dropped, he bit his lips as he held back his boiling anger and his stomach churned, thinking ‘What if Yunho believed that’.

As in que, Sungwoong’s face contorted in frustration and soon he wailed loudly, big fat tears rolled down profusely. Sungwoong’s cries were loud enough that their dicipline teacher came and shouted at his students to scramp off the school if they wanted to play house.

Jaejoong bowed to the teacher and walked out of the class, head tipped down all the way out.

“Why would he bring a baby to school?”

He really didn’t have to do that.” Some pupil gathered at the windows, to look at Jaejoong and the baby walking out of the school.

“He could have left the baby with his family.”

“Maybe he just wanted some attention.”

Yunho frowned as his classmates chattered and gossiped at Jaejoong’s figure, down at the school gate.

“Hey! Would you guys just stop it?” Yunho’s frown deepened.

He pulled that one geek who sat in between the other nerds, by his collar, face an inch away. The other boy’s face paled.

“You don’t know Jaejoong at all. Stop judging him and speculating. Or else I’ll punch you in the face and break your nose into pieces.” Yunho pushed the boy, sending him toppling backward before he snatched his bag from his seat.

“Don’t talk shit about him. You don’t know him at all.” He glared at those who talked ill about his neighbor.

The entire class gaped at Yunho’s sudden change of behavior. Seeing  a mad Yunho was a rare scene.

“I thought Yunho is pissed at Jaejoong but he still stand up for him. And now he ends up following him too.  I dont get it.” Junsu scratched his un-itched cheek, forehead creased into a small frown.

“They act like an old married couple.” Yoochun sighed, observing the drama from the back of the classroom.

“I wanna throw a bitch fit like that too.” Hyori pouted at the thought that she expressed too loudly.

Junsu looked at her like she was an alien, but ended up cracking up at Hyori’s ugly pout.

“What do you mean by married couple? They are a couple?” Junsu gasped after a few seconds of realisation.

Yoochun ignored the other male wholly, from his voice to his existence and continued his precious nap time after poking Changmin’s side in seconds who let out a string of curses which consisted of something related to mother, chicken and fucker.




“I know that you have issues at home, but for now just take him home and talk to your relatives. You can’t just bring a baby to school.”




Jaejoong sprawled on his laid-out futon with Sungwoong propped on his chest, drooling and gurgling some gibberish words.

“I wonder if she left you here for good. Are you abandoned, Sungwoong-ah?” He sighed.

Sungwoong giggled happily at Jaejoong’s face and started to slap his chest repeatly making him winced at the baby’s offensive hands.

“Ooii! That hurts!” He complained when Sungwoong pulled strands of his hair.


 “Take care. Jaejoong, look after your mom and sister.”

His dad walked away from his life when he was still in junior high school, promising thousands of promises to be back and made their life better. But he didn’t even see his shadow anymore once the older Kim stepped out of the small apartment.


“I’ll go and find your father. Take care.”

His mom too left him with an excuse to look for her missing husband. Jaejoong knew he didn’t buy that excuse. He knew her mom too much.


“He really wants me to go with him so.. I’ll leave this apartment with you Joongie. Bye.”

Her sister was just another idiot who thought her boyfriend would love her for eternity. She ended up abandoning him too. His last family left with a gross man who looked like a thug with no future ahead.


“For a long time, no one comes home. I was left behind too. I guess I was abandoned. We are the same, Sungwoong-ah.” Jaejoong lifted the baby high in the air as he sat on the floor, kicking the futon aside missing the ‘click’ sound from his door.

“I’m not smart. I don’t know how a good dad I’ll make but I won’t ever leave you. So don’t worry okay?” He smiled at Sungwoong who looked at him with his curious eyes.

“Oh well, I pissed off Yunho, so I dont know if he will be around to help me anymore. What will I do if he leave me too?” He felt his eyes went warm with unshed tears.

“That would be harsh, wouldn’t it Sungwoong-ah?” Jaejoong laughed bitterly at the thought.

The baby’s face crumpled and soon soft sobs were heard.

“Hey, why are you crying? Come on, Im trying to be funny here.” He shushed the baby, cuddling the baby at the crook of his neck.

“It’s not like we can’t make it without Yunho around.” His own tears rolled down his cheeks.

“Yunho isn’t a boyfriend or anything..” He trailed off softly.

He wiped his tears harshly with his unoccupied hand, another hand cuddling Sungwoong on his shoulder.

His apartment’s door was slammed open, revealing Yunho who looked a little intimidated. His small eyes looked at him with unreadable expression.

“What the? Yunho?!” Jaejoong hugged Sungwoong tightly on his chest, startled by the sudden appearance.

Yunho took Sungwoong into his hands and tucked the baby into his basket that was came with him the first time they met.

He tossed Jaejoong’s belt and pants off the male in hurry.

“Oii Yunho. Wh- What are you doing?” Jaejoong’s blushed immediately when Yunho pushed him onto the futon after getting rid of his own pants.

They kissed, more like Yunho mauled Jaejoong into the kiss, tugging his lower lips with his teeth and plunging his tongue into Jaejoong’s warm, moist cavern, sucking his breath away.

They broke away from the kiss to catch their much needed air.

“Jae..” He looked at the flustered man with soft gaze. Jaejoong’s breath hitched.

Yunho tugged him into his arms, hugging the smaller man dearly.




Sungwoong looked the scene in front of him in concentration, babbling a few unidentified words, which went unnoticed by the two.

Yunho stuck his second finger into Jaejoong, trying to loosen up the male for his upcoming intrusion, bending his finger a little and hit something inside of Jaejoong, making the other male trashing on the futon, screaming in pleasure.

“Yun- Yunho..” He huffed and moaned at the same time, trying to get his thoughts cleared when Yunho pleasured him.

“Yeah?” He continued with the little intrusion, slicking his own cock at the same time.

“Please.” He whimpered.

Yunho smiled at the whimpering mess under him. He pecked the crown of Jaejoong’s head before thrusting into him, sending the smaller male screaming and moaning.

“Ngghh- Ahhh- “

“Fuck Jae. Tight!” Yunho groaned.

Jaejoong’s knuckles turned white at the tight grip on the futon.

“I won’t ever leave you.”

“Eh? What are you- ?” Jaejoong’s face flushed with the position they were in.

“How could I leave you when we live so close together?” He chuckled as he pointed at his own house that was just in front of the current apartment they were in.

“Don’t ever think I’m going to leave you. Got it?”

Jaejoong stayed still.

“Answer me.”

He pouted and turned his face sideway, blushing a bright red. “All right.”

Yunho thrusted again, slamming his cock into Jaejoong’s tight hole repeatly, twisting his hip for a better angle and Jaejoong trembled.

“Yun- “ He came all over Yunho’s chest and some opaque liquid pooled on his own stomach.

Yunho kept on thrusting, riding off his own orgasm.




“How- How could you do that in front of a baby?! You are stupid! Idiot!” Jaejoong screamed in rage, hugging Sungwoong close to his chest, who was giggling happily.

“It’s like a honeymoon period. It’s nice.” Yunho answered mindlessly.

“Your mommy is scary, Sungwoong-ah.” Yunho took the baby with him and started tickling him into a giggling mess.

“Shut it, you rapist!”

“So cruel. And I’m so good to you too.”

“What do you mean?” Jaejoong frowned and huffed irritatedly, taking the baby with him again.

Yunho unzipped his abandoned bag somewhere on the floor and rustling with its content.


Yunho laid out several kinds of baby products, from cutesy shirts to baby’s lotions.

Jaejoong stared at the baby products in awe and Sungwoong tossed away a few things not to his liking.

“It’s absolutely embarassing buying these stuffs. You’d better be grateful.” Yunho shuddered at the memories of him buying baby products while pregnant women and old ladies kept on staring at him like he was a new kind of alien in the baby shop.

“You want to be with him as much as you want right? Even when you go to school?”

“Huh? You don’t know what I want!” Jaejoong hid his blush behind Sungwoong’s head.

Yunho leaned in and kissed Jaejoong on the lips with Sungwoong stuck in between their bodies.

“I do know. Stop fussing.”

Jaejoong once again tried to cover his blush behind his hand and glared at the whistling Yunho but he failed miserably when he saw Yunho with his unbutton shirt. His face flushed again.

“I talked to the teacher. He said that until your sister gets back, you can leave the baby in the nurse’s room while you are in class.”

“Huh?” Jaejoong looked at him confusedly.

“It would be good if you could leave him at my place but the shop gets really busy during the day.” Yunho leaned backward, supporting his weight on his hands.


“Still think I’m useless? Do you?” Yunho looked at Jaejoong with a smug face.

Jaejoong rolled his eyes, pissed.

“Do you think I’m a good dad, mommy?”

Jaejoong glared at Yunho while patting Sungwoong’s bottom.

“I told you I’m not the mommy!” He bursted.

And thank to the mother nature, Sungwoong wobbled at the loud voice of Jaejoong and stepped on his crotch accidentally.

Yunho pulled Sungwoong immediately onto his laps, watching Jaejoong in horror as he doubled over in pain, palming his almost crushed balls and if-still-there dick.

“Migh- Might be crushed..” Jaejoong whimpered with his body shaking in pain.

“You are right. A mommy wouldn’t know that pain. I’m praying for you. However, you might have to be the mommy now. If you know what I mean.” Yunho looked at Jaejoong in pity, squeezing his hands together in a pray.

“Whatever happens, I’ll hang in there. If I don’t die first ...” Jaejoong said with a shaky voice.

Sungwoong screamed in joy at Jaejoong’s face, giggling near Yunho’s face when the latter looked at the infant in shock.





A/N: I’ve done writing this chapter like 10 days ago and i got it beta-ed it like a week ago, but i just got to post it up now.. ;A; sorry for the late update, there was a death in the house a week ago so my family and I mourned over the death. And I couldn’t use any kind of social networks or computer or television for entertainment to respect the dead, so that’s why I couldn’t update earlier.

Btw this chapter is like in hurry, coz im lazy. The smut is short coz I found it awkward to write a hell-long smut. >//<

Tags: genre:fluff, genre:humor, genre:romance, genre:smut, length:chaptered, pairing:yunjae, rating:pg, rating:r
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