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Author: tehah_hero
Beta-ed by: shin9095
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Humor, Romance, Fluff
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Plot isn’t mine. Plot based on Dekichatta Danshi.
A/N: Words in Italic are Jaejoong/Yunho’s POV

Summary: A womaniser to the core. Jaejoong  got more than what he bargained for when a baby was suddenly dropped at his doorstep. Jaejoong resolved to raise the baby alone, although not without the help of his childhood friend Yunho, whom he also shared a casual sexual relationship with. Would Jaejoong be able to juggle with the sudden pressure of parenthood along with his budding feeling for his childhood friend?



-          Years before Sungwoong’s appearance

We’d been together ever since we were born.
That’s just the way it was.
Although we fought like cats and dogs.
Although we had falling outs, being at each other throats.
We still assumed we would always be together.

“Yunho!” Yoochun huffed, catching his breath as he pulled at Yunho’s elbow, stopping him at the school gate. “Do you know what Jaejoong is up to?” Yoochun’s snorted at Yunho’s clueless face. “He hasn’t been coming to school at all. You know today is Valentine Day, so the girls are all asking about him.”

“Nope, dunno.” Yunho scratched his neck, frowning at the thought of his friend.

“Oh yeah, you haven’t been coming to school together lately, huh?”

Yunho ignored the Yoochun’s remark. “How about his phone?”

Yoochun sighed deeply. “It doesn’t go through. It’s weird that Mr. Womanizer would miss school today.” Maybe he’s sick. Or he got himself herpes or something.” He gasped.

Yunho gave him a weird look.

“By the way, what is that, Yunho?” He said, pointing at the pink shopping bag in Yunho’s hand.

“Chocolates.” Yunho heaved the bag up to Yoochun’s eyes. “It’s heavy.” He smirked when Yoochun shot him a snarl.

“Cocky bastard!”

Yunho stopped on his track when he spotted Jaejoong with his face hid behind a mop of blonde hair.
“Jaejoong?” He caught Jaejoong’s arm before the other boy slipped past him. “Where are you going? I heard you haven’t been going to school. Are you sick?”

“Leave me alone. Things like school don’t matter.” Jaejoong breathed shallow as Yunho gripped his hand in his.

Yunho frowned at Jaejoong’s words.

I felt like he was going to disappear and I thought I shouldn’t let him go.

“Wait-” Yunho stopped when someone called for him.

“Yunho, do you- do you have a minute?” A girl stuttered, a pink box in her hands.

Jaejoong slipped his hand away when Yunho’s grip loosened. He sighed and kicked Yunho’s shin. “Don’t make a girl wait, idiot!” He huffed and walked away, head hung low.

“Yunho, um- would you accept this-”

Yunho’s attention is on Jaejoong’s disappearing figure, blending into the crowd.

“-and tomorrow morning- Yunho?”

Yunho jolted awake when his front neighbor’s door was slammed open noisily. He rushed out to the door and found Jaejoong’s figure in entranceway of his apartment, door left ajar. “Jaejoong.” Yunho sighed.

“Yu- Yunho,-” Jaejoong slurred, obviously drunk.

“You reek of alcohol. What are you doing?” He lifted Jaejoong’s grinning face, making him faced the drunk idiot.

“A hot mama got me drunk-” He giggled at his friend’s face.

Yunho sighed. “You know, your sister would get so mad if she saw you like this.” He patted Jaejoong’s cheeks. He felt Jaejoong froze up, face darkened. “Jae?”

“No one. There’s no one. They’re all gone.” Jaejoong sighed. “Never mind that. Hey Yun, ever had sex?” He leered at Yunho who had helped him sat up.

“What?” Jaejoong pushed Yunho and straddled his laps, face grinning in drunken stupor.

“Shall I teach you? And then get you addicted to me.” Jaejoong said softly. His fingers made quick succession in popping Yunho’s shirt buttons off.

“Stop!” Yunho hissed. “I said stop, Jae!” he shouted, pushing the other boy’s hand of his chest.

Jaejoong sighed, face glum. “You don’t need me either.” He slid off Yunho laps and kneeled in front of his friend, head down. His shoulders shook. “Gotcha! You freaked out! Hahaha. You idiot! I was joking!” He smiled. “You go ahead and be happy with someone else. Then disappear too.” He stood and made his way out his own home.

“Where are you going?” Yunho shouted at the retreating back.

“Leave me alone.”

I won’t let him go.

Yunho yanked Jaejoong back into the house. “Let’s try it.” He grinned at Jaejoong when the other looked at him in shock. “Make me addicted.”


There isn’t any other way to stop him.

Jaejoong crawled on top of Yunho, landing a messy kiss on the boy’s lips. “Have you ever done it?”

“No.” Jaejoong giggled at the answer. “Loser! Then I’ll teach you.”

“You’ve done it with a guy before?” Yunho frowned.

“Of course not!”

“Then we are no different.” Yunho shrugged.

“We are completely different-” His words jumbled as Yunho suddenly tugged his neck down and kissed him softly. He gasped when Yunho pushed him down and hovered above him, tongue down his throat. “He- Hey! Why are you in charge? I don’t want to be pa-passive!” He stuttered as Yunho lapped on his chest, blowing warm breath on his nipples, making him moaned. “Shit, ah-“

“If I can make you feel high. You do one thing for me.” He smirked at the writhing body under him.

“Go ahead if you can-” Jaejoong whimpered when a slick finger breached his opening, before the second finger entered him quickly.

“Does it hurt?” Yunho pushed his erection into the slick entrance, breaths came as short gasp at the tight opening.

“No.” Jaejoong gripped the cover of his futon in his hands, sweat dripping down his body.

“I’ll stop if it hurts.”

Jaejoong grunted and pushed Yunho off him before scrambling on top of the said boy. He held Yunho’s erection in his hand and lowered himself on it, breaching into his entrance. He trembled at the feel of being so full inside and his thighs shook from the pain.

“What are you doing stupid?!” Yunho gasped at the feeling of being swallowed by the tight and warm entrance. He was trying so hard not to thrust up as he let Jaejoong got used to the penetration.

“I don’t care if it’s hurt.” He mumbled, face blushing. “You can do whatever you want. So don’t leave.”

Yunho cupped Jaejoong’s face in his hands, wiping away a stray tear on his cheek, stroking softly and smiling. “Idiot. You want me to be addicted, don’t you?” He chuckled.

Always. We’ve always been together.

Yunho yanked Jaejoong’s neck and kissed him deeply. Jaejoong trembled as Yunho’s erection was pushed deeper inside of him.

“Eh. Ah- What are you doing?” Kiss. “Wait-” Another kiss. “No-“

“I’ll make you high, so stay. Stay with me.” He smiled into the kiss when Jaejoong grunted an ‘OK’ as he cried out his orgasm.

Whatever shape it took, that was normal for us.

Jaejoong glared at his friend who wouldn’t let go off his hand no matter what curses he hurled at him. “Why in the hell do I have to go to school with you?” He hid half his face in a winter scarf wrapped around his neck. “We aren’t in elementary school anymore.”

“Huh? You said you’d do anything for me?” Yunho smirked.

“What?” Jaejoong shouted. “It didn’t even feel good!”

Yunho poked Jaejoong nose, smirk still adorned on his face. “You came more often than I did.” He laughed at Jaejoong’s beet red face. “You lose.” He ignored when Jaejoong guffawed at him.

-          Flashback
“Yunho-ah, Sukjin, Jaejoong’s sister ran off with his boyfriend last week. Our neighbor, Junjin saw it.” Yunho’s mom furrowed her eyebrows. “Tell Jaejoong he can come over for dinner any time ok.”
‘Is that why he acted like that yesterday? Well, I’m sure it’ll work out somehow.’
Yunho heaved a deep sigh.
-          End Flashback

“Let’s go.” Yunho dragged the shouting Jaejoong, hands clasped tightly.

“Hey! Let go of my hand!”

The same girl stood in front of them, halting their steps to school. “Yu- Yunho. I’m sorry it’s sudden. But can we walk to school together today?” Her gaze then fell on the boys’ joined hands.

“I’m sorry. I feel bad but-” Yunho stopped his words when Jaejoong wriggled their hands, trying to be set free. Yunho glared at the other boy. “You shouldn’t come with us. Have to take this punk to school or he’ll turn around.” He pointed his thumb behind him, at Jaejoong.

“What am I supposed to turn around for? And what? Punk? What the hell!”

Yunho tightened his hold on Jaejoong, still dragging him toward the school after turning down the girl’s offer.

“You! Why did you let such a cute girl go?” Jaejoong wondered out loud, already giving up on escaping from Yunho’s clutch.
“Asshole.” He muttered when his friend tightened the grip on him to the point of pain.

“It’s worse to lead her on.” He shrugged. “Let’s go to school.” He turned around and grinned wolfishly. “And when we get home, let me do it again.” He smirked.

Jaejoong spluttered on his words. “Wh- What?” His face was suspiciously warm. “Didn’t you have enough last night? You gotta be kidding me!”

Yunho grinned. “If you want to party around, try beating me.” He looked at Jaejoong smugly.

“Shut up! You caught me off guard yesterday!”

“Is that so?” He hummed. “By the way, I beat you in Valentine’s chocolates too.”

“Huh? What?” Jaejoong’s eyes widen in realization. “Valentine’s Day! I forgot-” Jaejoong wailed and slumped down on the road, in despair.


A/N: All mistakes are mind. Sorry for the late update. :'3


Tags: genre:fluff, genre:humor, genre:romance, length:chaptered, pairing:yunjae, rating:r
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