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Beta-ed by: shin9095
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Humor, Romance, Fluff
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Plot isn’t mine. Plot based on Dekichatta Danshi.
A/N: Words in Italic are Jaejoong/Yunho’s POV

Summary: A womaniser to the core. Jaejoong  got more than what he bargained for when a baby was suddenly dropped at his doorstep. Jaejoong resolved to raise the baby alone, although not without the help of his childhood friend Yunho, whom he also shared a casual sexual relationship with. Would Jaejoong be able to juggle with the sudden pressure of parenthood along with his budding feeling for his childhood friend?



Jaejoong carefully lowered himself into the tub with luke warm water, hands embracing Sungwoong’s small body. He let out a sigh, content with the little peace he was having at the moment.

“Haaaa..” Sungwoong gurgled, small hands splashing water to Jaejoong’s face.

“Are you copying me, Sungwoong-ah?” Jaejoong chuckled as Sungwoong squeaked in excitement. “It feels good right?” He leaned on the tub whilst balancing the baby on his stomach.

“Is this what happiness is all about?” Jaejoong wondered aloud, thinking about Yunho who was cooking in his kitchen.

Sungwoong stared on Jaejoong’s chest in concentration before patting it a couple of times. Squealing, Sungwoong dived and gave a long suck on the unsuspecting male.

“Whoah! Hey! Don’t suck it!” Jaejoong shrieked, pulling the baby away from his innocent chest. “I’m not your mom! Heck, I’m not even a female! Nothing with come out even if you suck till my nipples come off!” He huffed, glaring at the pouting baby. “But it would be better if I were your mom. And Yunho was your dad..” Jaejoong trailed off, imagining himself and Yunho as parents to little Sungwoong, holding hands and just being happy. “No way!” He laughed.

Jaejoong lifted Sungwoong up on his feet, still giggling. “Say mama. Mama.” He trailed off in shock. “What the hell am I saying?” He frowned, half of his face already submerged into the water, his breaths came out as bubbles.

“Bububu..” Sungwoong mumbled, copying the other male.

Jaejoong glared.

“Here. Soy sauce.” Yunho’s mom passed the bottle to Yunho. “You’ll be cooking dinner at Jaejoong’s house tonight?”

“Yes.” Yunho said, already making his way out.

“Don’t fight, ok! Although I know you guys can’t help it!” Yunho’s mom laughed, eyes crinkling in mirth.

“I’m not the one who starts it though.” Yunho shrugged.

“Aaa. Maa.” Sungwoong babbled, face staring at the man in front of him. “Aaa. Maa.”

Jaejoong froze. “Wh-What? Are-are you talking?” He gaped.

He jumped out of the bathtub in record-breaking speed. Pattering out of the bathroom, his hands wrapped around Sungwoong. Water dripped everywhere on their track to the kitchen.

“Yunho! Yunho!” Jaejoong almost, almost squealed in excitement. But his excitement immediately dwindled down to disappointment when he found no Yunho at sight. “It’s not fun playing house with two guys huh?” He stared at Sungwoong who was now suckling on his own thumb.

What was I getting excited about?

Keys jingled at the door and Yunho entered the house with a shock face, starring at Jaejoong’s naked ass. “What are you doing? All naked like that...”

“What? Umm… Nothing. Nothing. This is.. Uuhh..” Jaejoong stuttered, face flushed. He suddenly realized that Yunho was holding a black bottle, apparently soy sauce, and immediately frowned. “Look, I told you I can make my own foo-” his words jumbled up when Yunho tapped softly at his mouth.

“It’s ok. Just go get dressed.” Yunho frowned when he saw Sungwoong shivered and whined softly. “Sungwoong is probably upset. Maybe he’s cold.”

Jaejoong turned his back and walked away. “I guess it’s chilly in all sort of ways.” he mumbled.

Yunho looked at the naked duo in question.

Their dinner went in silence. Yunho who would throw remarks here and there but Jaejoong simply shrugged off offhandedly, completely ignoring Yunho even Sungwoong who was fed by the other male.

Jaejoong picked up a chicken wing and chomped off moodily, ignoring everything.

Yunho screeched when Sungwoong got his hand on a deep fried chicken wing, the infant’s eyes immediately watered when he was denied the chicken, sniffling unhappily. “Whoah! That’s been deep fried. Don’t eat that! What the hell, you don’t even have teeth!” Yunho chided the pouting baby. Sungwoong squawked in return.

Jaejoong chuckled at the bantering duo, forgetting that he was supposed to be upset with Yunho, with his life.

Both Yunho and Sungwoong turned to Jaejoong’s direction in sync, faces shocked. Jaejoong who jolted in realization immediately turned his gaze and body away, facing the wall instead.

“Is he depressed about something again?” Yunho mumbled, staring at Jaejoong slumped figure. He scooted closer and covered Jaejoong’s back in his embrace, with Sungwoong in tow. “If you show your back like that, I’ll jump you.”

Jaejoong flinched at the sudden warmth of Yunho. “Wh- Who gives a shit? If you want to do it, find a cute girl who allow you to do so!” Jaejoong ignored Yunho and shoveled more food into his mouth. He almost tore his hair out when he heard Yunho’s confused ‘Huh?’ at his back. “I’m saying that you don’t have to play house with a man if it’s too chilly for you in here.”

Yunho frowned as he placed Sungwoong in his little basket who was conveniently always by their side. He leaned closer and put Jaejoong’s bowl away before pushing the other man to lie on his back.

“Wh-What are you doing?! Don’t sit on me!” Jaejoong was all but screaming in shock.

“I said I was going to jump you.” Yunho simply repeated and yanked Jaejoong by his shirt collar, their faces were an inch away. “I’ve decided not to cater to your emotional rollercoaster anymore.” Yunho’s lips were on Jaejoong’s lips when the other boy showed that he didn’t understand a bit of his words. “It’s useless talking to an idiot.” He mumbled, lips brushing as he spoke. He leaned back, giving a little space for himself to talk. “I’m saying, figure out what I feel through my body. Just like how a fight is settled faster when we go ahead and thrash each other.”

“Huh?” Jaejoong gaped. “What hell are you talking about? I don’t get..” Jaejoong flinched when Yunho pulled him into a chaste kiss. Jaejoong shoved Yunho back, hands on Yunho’s chest. “Don’t you feel ridiculous doing something like this?”

Yunho gazed at Jaejoong, eyes softened with something Jaejoong couldn’t figure out. Yunho leaned and touched Jaejoong’s face, cupping it in his hands before leaning down and dropping kisses all over his face, from his forehead, to his cheeks, nose and lastly his lips. “Hey, answer me.” Jaejoong mumbled, eyes straying to Yunho’s mole on his lips. Yunho ignored his question and continued to rain kisses, spending especially more time on Jaejoong lips, their tongues tangled in a heated battle.

Why is he doing this? Figure it out through his body? There’s no way you could do something like that, but Yunho.. Is it possible he loves me?

Jaejoong gasped. “Yun- Yunho.” He moaned when Yunho traced kisses on his nape.

Yunho pulled back and smirked. “Figured it out already?” His thumb wiped away their traces of spit on Jaejoong’s lips.

Jaejoong’s face bloomed beet red. He was suddenly hiding his face in between his hands. “I don’t get it! Are you stupid?” He mumbled.

“Liar.” Yunho smirked, wiping his lips away with remnants of their kiss.

From talking about Yunho’s feeling, they were now tangled in a heated carnal union. Jaejoong was on his stomach. Yunho was up on top, pounding into the heat of Jaejoong.

Jaejoong moaned and clenched the blanket in his fist, grunting when Yunho sent a powerful thrust, pounding into him with so much passion.

Yunho leaned down, one hand gripping Jaejoong’s waist while the other was stroking Jaejoong’s hardened cock in jerky strokes. “Jaejoong.” Yunho grunted when Jaejoong convulsed and came with a violent shudder, squeezing Yunho into his own orgasm.

Yunho gripped Jaejoong’s waist harder, thrusting shallowly to ride off his orgasm. “Jae.” He moaned into Jaejoong’s ear.

Somehow it’s good to be touched by Yunho. It’s amazing.

Yunho sighed with a small smile gracing his face before flipping Jaejoong on his back.  He immediately caught Jaejoong by his mouth, kissing the other man deeply.

It feels good.

Yunho dropped his weight onto Jaejoong with a moan, finally realizing how tired he was after such a vigorous activity.

“Umm.. You are kind of heavy.” Jaejoong mumbled in annoyance now that the embarrassment got the best of him.

“Too bad.”

I feel like he just said something embarrassing to me.

‘No, rather than that, he did something embarrassing to me.’ Jaejoong blushed as his naked self was wrapped around in a blanket together with Yunho’s. ‘He’s heavy but…’

Is this the joy of being loved? Or something like that?

Yunho snuggled in between Jaejoong’s neck, trying to look at Jaejoong in the face. “What?” Yunho lifted his eyebrow at Jaejoong’s blushing face.

“Nothing.” Jaejoong mumbled.

“Aama.” Sungwoong’s squawk made both Yunho and Jaejoong jump in shock.

“Aama.” Sungwoong squawked again.

“Whoah!” By now the two male were hugging in shock. “He’s really talking.” Jaejoong trailed in wonder.

“Jae, he’s calling you mama, right?” Yunho lifted Sungwoong up into his embrace.

“Aama.” Sungwoong smiled gummily at Jaejoong, making grabby hands at the said man.

“See! Aren’t you happy?” Yunho grinned, showing his rows of perfect teeth, letting Sungwoong dove into Jaejoong’s opened arms.
Jaejoong had tears in his eyes because Yunho fucking directed his happy smile to him. “Of course I am!” He sniffed. “But I’m not a mom!” He grumbled now that he realized Sungwoong was indirectly calling him a woman.

“But you told him that yourself when you were in the bath.” Yunho smirked at Jaejoong flustered face.

Jaejoong was having trouble breathing in his rage. “You heard me!” He screamed with a red face, blushing and in rage when Yunho grinned at him in reply.

“Uung.. Unng.. Unng.. Uhh..” Sungwoong was so focused that his brows furrowed in concentration.

“What? Are you mad or something?” Jaejoong lifted Sungwoong high in air and sniffed his diaper, relieved that no poop smell came from the pouting baby.

“Perhaps he is copying you?” Yunho trailed off. “Like when he copied you when you were in the bath, or when you ate the chicken wing.” Yunho nodded to himself, satisfied that he was observant to simple things. “I bet he’s doing more. You just don’t notice it.”
“Geez. You are so cute.” Jaejoong patted Sungwoong’s chubby cheek softly, smiling with proud.

Even if it’s playing house, it’s not so bad to have a family.

“Uaa… Uhhh.. Ahhh.. Ahhh..” Sungwoong grunted in concentration.

Yunho and Jaejoong froze in shock because did Sungwoong just copy Jaejoong during that time?

“Noooooooo!!! Don’t copy that yet! Forget that!” Jaejoong wailed in agony.

“Maybe he is a prodigy.” Yunho shrugged nonchalantly.

Jaejoong thought his head just popped. “It’s all because you do it in front of him!” he shouted. “You idiot!”


A/N: A couple of chapters to go! Yay! :3
It's awkward writing smut chapters ok.. ;_; i'm sorry it's not good..

Tags: genre:fluff, genre:humor, genre:romance, genre:smut, length:chaptered, pairing:yunjae, rating:r
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