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Son Of The Sea

Son Of The Sea

PG / Romance / Drabble(i guess)
beta-ed by: shin9095

Summary: Mermen, just like mermaids, can lure and attract humans with their enchantingly beautiful, soft melodic and seductive siren-like singing voices and tones. Their music is known to be heard coming from the farthest depths of the ocean, yet the sound travels floatingly across the surface.

It’s July, the time where the wealthy youngsters should be spending their dear parents’ gold sovereigns and pounds lavishly, leaping from one city club to another and attending luxurious balls. For a Duke, Yunho was obligated to learn all of the details as to what one could and could not wear, what one was to do and not do, how to do the deep court curtsy and how to converse with respect of the Royal Family's presence.

Being born among families of small, privileged ruling class, Yunho chose to sail away, expanding his dear father’s influence to another state which is almost at the border of their territory. There were still small states which still doubted the sincerity and ability of the Monarch in ruling. Yunho really didn’t give a flipping care of their trust towards their Monarch, but his father had ordered him to sail away when the Jung’s head realized that his youngest son didn’t have much passion to wield and expand their influence.

Lord Yunho, youngest son of Grand Duke Jung who was the Monarch blood relative, had sailed in the ocean for no more than two months. With a chiseled jawline, light brown skin, green small eyes and broad, muscular built, it was not shocking if the Lord gained himself a companion during his journey. However, to have an unusual companion as such a merman swimming alongside with the ship was a sight to behold.

Mermen were beautiful creature that put even the most beautiful woman to shame. With mid-length curly black hair, fair skin, big hazel eyes, and broad shoulders, the son of the sea had entranced the Duke when he first showed himself to the occupants of the ship. Never once did the enchanted one spoke a word to the owner of the ship, only soft melodic and seductive siren-like singing voices could be heard.

Yunho enjoyed the time where the merman’s melodic singing accompanied his lonely self in the darkest of the night and the hottest day. His music was to be heard coming from the farthest depth of the ocean, yet the sound traveled floatingly across the surface even when the son of the sea swam deep into the sea without showing himself aside from his gorgeous emerald green tail occasionally splashing with the waves. Yunho had long ordered his crews to never harm the beau in the sea, to let him be long he was not a threat to their ship.

The Lord Duke truly enjoyed the enchanted one’s singing, it gave him such a calm and serendipity to his heart that he had never felt before. His song was always about love and passion and freedom, that sometimes Yunho thought the merman truly knew what he’s looking for in life.

It was when the ship came into a dock and was tied up at a wharf that did the merman show himself truly to the Lord Duke. Yunho stepped off the ship and let his crews attend to their works with the ship under his own care. Lord Duke took a stroll on the shore before slowing down to a halt next to a merman whose upper torso was above the water, skin glistening with water and sands ingrained on his fair, scaly skin, his enchanting eyes staring deep into his eyes.

Enchanting one, what is your name?”

The merman smiled beautifully.


To have the son of the sea spoke to him albeit only a sole word, Yunho felt happy. Jaejoong just rolled off his tongue perfectly.

“You’re beautiful. I can hardly believe my eyes.” Yunho took a step closer and crouched to the merman’s eye level, his hand caressed the enchanted one’s face.

“You’re lonely. I feed on lonely souls.” Jaejoong leaned into the hand, sighing softly.

His thumb caressed the merman’s lower lip, eyes straight into the enchanted one’s. “If I were to found my happiness would you still follow me?”

“No. You deserve happiness. I won’t feed on you if your heart say you are happy.”

Jaejoong backed away, submerged himself fully into the water and swam away, back to the side of the ship. Small fish gathered around the merman, pecking on his skin while Jaejoong smiled to Yunho, eyes twinkling as the sea reflected the sun.

“How can I be happy when I don’t have you as mine?” Yunho asked softly to himself, walking back to the deck to his ship.
Merfolk was known as a creature bound to keep their promises and Yunho wouldn’t have it any other way.

He needed Jaejoong to be his source of happiness.

A/N: I'm so random. hahahaha

Found this on google, so I'm not claiming this fanart as mine :D
Tags: genre:romance, length:drabble, pairing:yunjae, rating:pg
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