tehah_hero (tehah_hero) wrote,

[FIC] My Blanket

Title: My Blanket
Author: tehah_hero
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Length: Drabble
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG
Summary: Jaejoong needs a blanket to warm his cold days, enveloping him away from the chilly wind. And Yunho is warm and he is perfect.


It was raining and freezing cold outside, as expected from the weather forecast he watched the night before.

A sudden gust of cold wind blew the window shut, startling the pretty male who was close to doze off on the couch, yelping by himself, cursing the innocent window in returned.

Jaejoong automatically wrapped the bear-printed blanket around him imposibble tighter, seeking for extra warmth in the chilly room.
His eyebrows furrowed, frowned after glancing at the clock on the wall when it struck seven.
"He is late again.."
As if in cue, jingle sound of keys were heard and the door bursted open, revealing a tall male who was soaking wet.

Jaejoong scrambled off the couch, unwrapping himself from the fluffy blanket before wrapping it around a rain-drenched Yunho.
"You forgot your umbrella again, right?"
Yunho grinned before kicking the door shut, stole a quick peck from the smaller male at the same time.
Jaejoong sighed, tucked a few strands of wet hairs that almost covering his lover`s eyes, mumbling about how he should always had his umbrella with him and how he gonna caught a cold.
Yunho stole another peck, silencing the nagging male before enveloping the his lover in his arms, blanket dropped to the floor, forgotten.
"I`m gonna get wet, Yunho-ah.."
He gave a grunt, still didn`t let go of his Jaejoong, burying his face into the blond`s soft hair, inhaling his lover`s unique scent.

"I bought the milk you texted me this afternoon but I met a hungry stray cat. So I ended giving the milk up to the orange cat."
Yunho mumbled annoyingly before propping his chin on top of Jaejoong`s head.
"You gave all two cartons of milk to the cat?"
He hummed, nodded his head on his lover`s head making the smaller male`s head nodding along with him.
"You actually forgot to buy the milk, am I right?"
Yunho groaned irritatedly.
Getting caught when you actually just told a small lie wasn`t that great.
"I was so busy that I forget everything.. Sorry.."

Jaejoong sighed, wrapping his arms around Yunho`s middle, burying his face in his lover`s moob-ish chest.
"How can you still feel warm when you`re actually soaking wet, Yunho-ah?"
Yunho chuckled at his love.
"I`m warm because you`re are cold, baby."

Jaejoong didn`t wish for a new well-functioned heater that Christmas, thought he was still doubting Santa was real but really wished that Santa put him in the good-list because he really wanted Yunho as his blanket who warm his up forever.

A/N: originally posted in jaeho_detox for the advent calendar challenge-prompt 4.. xD but ppl didnt take notice of my comment there.. xD lolol.. so yeah.. here i am.. posting it in my own lj~ ><"

               idk.. but drabble ish fun! it easier to write drabble~
Tags: genre:fluff, length:drabble, pairing:yunjae, rating:pg
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