tehah_hero (tehah_hero) wrote,

[FIC] Azure

Title: Azure
Author: tehah_hero
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Length: Drabble
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Rating: PG
Summary: A tiny crush was thought as a one-sided love..

He was the one who sat next to him in high school for two years. Both of them never engaged in any conversation except for exchanging few words for school-related stuffs.
Smiles were common between them.
But smiles from Jung Yunho were the sole reason on why Jaejoong would always choose to sit next to that latter as the new semester started.
Yunho`s smiles never failed to make Jaejoong`s heart skipped faster than usual.
His smiles made him felt what was like being appreciated, being loved, making him blushed like a hormonal teenage girl though he`s well-proved a healthy young boy.
A not-in-love person who had a good-looking classmate won`t blush like him.
Jaejoong decided that he had a crush on his classmate.

Yunho always felt like talking to Jaejoong, but he was too nervous to form a proper verse.
Yunho would always pray that Jaejoong would sit next to him in every semester.
He loved it when Jaejoong face blushed ripe red, it was adorable.
A not-in-love person won`t smile at every his schoolmate`s gestures.
Yunho decided he had a crush on his classmate.

Both chose different paths as they successfully graduated from high school, without exchanging numbers or even their last glances.
Both walked in separate ways.

Jaejoong did glanced back but the glance wasn`t return back to him as he expected.
He thought his heart broke into million pieces of glass, shredding his eyes with tears.

Yunho did glanced back but it went unnoticed as Jaejoong walked away from the school.
Yunho thought he would never fall in love again.

Lost Connection.

Fate played with them, with Jaejoong.
He was determined to forget everything about his tiny crush on high school as most of his friends settled down, but fate played with him, with them.
Fate flicked their hearts when they met again years later.
Their hearts went badump-badump as both of Yunho and Jaejoong bumped into each other in the mall.
As cliche as it may sound, all living entities, humans, even the puppies stopped moving, the world revolved solely around them and only them.
That one fateful accidental meeting enticed them to meet again Once, twice.
On their sixth meet up, both of them sealed their mutual feeling, their love.

Yunho landed his lips on top of Jaejoong`s.
One second. Two Seconds. Three seconds
He pulled back and rested his forehead on his lover`s, face breaking into the smile that Jaejoong loves.

Jaejoong`s face curves into a sweet, breathtaking smile, burying his face into his now-officially-husband`s chest, sighing in bliss.
Yunho wraps his hands around his Jaejoong, dropping a kiss on top of his husband`s soft hair.
"Good Morning, Love."
"Good Morning, Sunshine."


Jaejoong thought he would end up being his love one.
Yunho thought he would never meet Jaejoong again.
But fate played with them.
Fate too makes them fall in love, be together.
They decides that they will continue on loving each other, believing in their fate, together, forever, for eternity.


I love writing drabbles now~ OMGsun!
i feel like a sap~ xD lolol..

im becoming sappy each day~ (>____<) I Love You, Jaejoong~~

this fic is dedicated to bellecassies Thnx u for being awesome and always commented in my fics~ xD
Tags: genre:fluff, genre:romance, length:drabble, pairing:yunjae, rating:pg
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